Password Protected Pages

Upload Users Append

Add a list of new users to a realm already populated with users.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet with your favorite spreadsheet editor (Excel, etc.)
  • The first row must contain the keywords; USERNAME, PASSWORD, FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, ADMINISTRATOR.
  • The rest of the rows contain the actual username/password information.
  • If the ADMINISTRATOR field has a value of 1 (one), the user will become an administrator. If the value is 0 (zero) they will not be an administrator.
  • Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file. Refer to your spreadsheet program for instructions. 
  • Roller over Site, scroll and click Authentication Manager.
  • Authentication Manager dialog will appear.
  • Click on the realm you want to upload your list to.
  • Click on the [IMAGE]Upload Users Append icon.
  • Select your CSV file from your hard drive and click Open.