Uploading Images

When uploading images to the Gallery Application, it is possible to upload more than one image at a time.

Right click on the Gallery Application.  Borders will turn red.
Drop down menu will appear.  Select Gallery.  Then select Upload Images.

Your computer's file tree will appear.  You may select one or multiple images.

To select multiple images -- click on one, hold shift, and select another. This will select the first image, the second image you clicked on, and everything in between. This is useful for selecting all files in a folder. If you would like to select only certain images, click on one image, hold down CTRL (Command for Mac) and click on another image. This will select both of the images you clicked on. You can continue to hold CTRL (Command for Mac) and select additional images.

When you have selected the images you would like to upload, click Open.

The images are now uploaded into the gallery application. See Gallery Manager for more information.

Other Handy Information