Useful Table Tips

Enter Text

  1. Place you cursor in the cell where you want to enter text.

  2. Start typing and/or cut and paste text. Your text will automatically wrap within the cell.

 My text is typed in this cell
Place Image

  1. Place the cursor in the cell to add a picture, image, logo, etc.
  2. Click on the Picture Icon
  3. Select the image you wish to upload from the file picker. Click Open.
  4. See Chapter  Pictures, Image and Logos, etc. regarding image uploading and handling (properties).
NOTE:  Image alignment is relative to the paragraph of text it's placed in. If you want image centered in a table cell and the image is not placed in a paragraph that spans the width of the cell, you will need to give both the cell and the image center alignment.

 Embedded Tables

  1. The power of Tables within the content is amazing. Once the table is created, another table may be inserted with a cell of an existing table.
  2. Tables are used quite often in websites to control the placement of content and images.