Useful Table Tips

Enter Text

  • Place you cursor in the cell where you want to enter text.
  • Start typing and/or cut and paste text. Your text will automatically wrap within the cell.
See how the text wraps to maintain the table width percentages.

Place Image

  • Place the cursor in the cell to add a picture, image, or logo.
  • Click on the [IMAGE] Insert Image button.
  • Select the image you wish to upload from the file picker. Click Open .
  • See Chapter Pictures, Images, and Logos regarding image uploading and handling (properties).
Note: Image alignment is relative to the paragraph of text it's placed in. If you want image centered in a table cell and the image is not placed in a paragraph that spans the width of the cell, you will need to give both the cell and the image center alignment.  

Embedded Tables

  • The power of Tables within the content is amazing. Once the table is created, another table may be inserted with a cell of an existing table.
  • Tables are used quite often in websites to control the placement of content and images.