Site Validation checks your web site to look for inconsistencies that may make your web site fail or at very least produce poor SEO results. The system will also run validation on any applications you have inserted into the site. 

Running a Site Validation

  • Click on Site in the main menu bar.
  • Click on Validation.
  • The Validation dialog box will appear. Note: depending on the complexity of the web site this dialog box may take a few minutes to open.
  • Click Close to close the Site Validation dialog box.
  • [IMAGE] Indicates a check that is OK (no problem). Note: Most tests do not return anything unless there is a problem. A few applications with critical requirements will return a positive OK acknowledgement.
  • [IMAGE] Information only. Things in the category are not normally a problem.
  • [IMAGE] Warning. While this will not cause a failure for the site to operate properly, it may reflect a problem that will cause less that desirable results form search engines. These problems my also cause your site to fail basic HTML (World Wide Web Consortium) tests.
  • [IMAGE] Error. These must be fixed. They represent a problem that can cause your site or one of it's applications to fail.
  • Use the toolbar at the top of the Site Validation dialog to enable or disable various error levels. By Default OK and Information Only are disabled since these will not affect normal web site operation.