Web Design Sections

A web page in the editor is divided into several sections.

Edit Areas
  • An edit area is an area of a web page where the user of the editor can modify content.

  • Most web designs have at least three edit areas, although this can very from one design to the next.

  • The top of each edit area is marked by a dashed red line.
  • The most common edit areas are named...
    • Header
    • Body
    • Footer
    • 4th edit area (only on certain designs)

  • Some edit area can be the same on all pages (like a footer). If you make a change on one page, it will change on all pages.
    • A menu displays the buttons the visitor can use to navigate your web site.

    • Menu may display a drop-down menu when you hover over a button with your mouse.

    • Pages are added to the menu automatically as you add pages to your web site.
    • Pages in the "Hidden" section in the page manager will not appear in the menu.